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The world's largest archive for automotive backgrounds and 360° HDR domes allows you to create stunning marketing campaigns on scale that match & exceed any real photoshoot in all areas: cost, speed, flexibility and creativity. 

Super high-res backplates & 360° HDR domes for best results.

Choose from thousands of res images shot by professional photographers with state of the art cameras. Our locations include multiple angles.  The 360°HDR Domes are up to 500 megapixel and can be used to light th 3D object or online configurators alike.

Interactive experience

Use our high-res HDR Domes not only for 3D object light, but also for interactive experiences and online car configurators.

Optimize the workflow to stay competitive.

The MAGROUND approach allows you to test out ideas fast, create variations and market adaptations, without travel and production cost. Without risks of a real production. Create flawless campaigns that look like they were shot on location at a fraction of the cost and time.


MAGROUND backplates and hdr domes are brought together to create most of the imagery seen on the Mercedes-Benz website for both USA and Canada. The imagery works as sets and tells a story of how the vehicle should be represented both in mood and setting.

Armando Diaz 
Creative Director at Merkley and Partners

Through our cooperation with MAGROUND and the resulting access to the world’s largest photo archive in this field, we had maximum flexibility. Suddenly anything was possible Our creativity was set free and every customer requirement could be fulfilled. 

Mika Tay 
Creative Director at Ogilvy Beijing

Reliable file availability is therefore our highest priority. In an ideal scenario, the backplates and HDR spheres that we obtain from our partner MAGROUND are already arranged in such a way that we don’t have to improvise much.

Andre Reiswich
  3D artist at ​Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles Design​

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What You Need to Know About Automotive Backplates

High-resolution automotive backplates and HDR domes are essential for perfect car marketing visualization. Automotive backplates in combination with matching 360°HDRI Domes seamlessly integrate a 3D car model in any automotive backplate. Thie method allows to create of marketing material at scale at a fraction of the cost of a traditional photoshoot, totally eliminating all risks of travel and production.

What is an automotive backplate?

Automotive backplates are landscape images, photographers, to be used with a vehicle. The backplates are also called plates or backgrounds. Automotive backplates are mostly used together with a matching hdri or so called hdr domes to add light information on the 3D model of the car that is placed into the backplate.

The importance of high resolution in automotive backplates

The quality of data is crucial for automotive backplates. The photographic backplates must be high quality and photographed with a high-resolution camera for best data quality for later post-production. 

HDR domes and how they work

The HDRI domes are used as light information that is projected on to the 3D model of the car placed in the automotive backplates. The backplate images can be used without the HDRI, but a matching HDRI dome or at least one with similar light information is highly beneficial for fast integration of a 3D model

Best practices for the perfect car marketing visualization

The best practice in today's fast paid marketing world is to use a large archive of photographic backplates along with hdr domes to avoid the cost and time waste of a traditional photoshoot but maintain the same quality at the same time. The marketing imagery can be created faster at the friction of the cost. The background image can be changed quickly, or new background images can be created out of several single backplate images. The lighting of the environment is then added with a matching hdri


The automotive industry is in its transformation and is more than ever devoted to efficiency and environmental workflow. Using automotive backplates and HDRI for automotive campaigns saves time, cost and reduces the environmental footprint significantly. The experience of the final visual is 100% same as the actual photoshoot, and the features of cardesign can be depicted perfectly with 3D modeling and HDR lighting